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Please return agreement to:
Kevin Clark
Fax: 773-755-8595


Objectsoft is seeking highly motivated team members with three years of in-depth industry experience, business experience in design commercial systems, and professional technology experience in OO, UML, Java, CORBA, C++, and project management. Excellent communications skills and the ability to work well with teams is a must.

We do work with recruiters under the following terms:

  • Fee to be determined.
  • Net (60) sixty day payment.
  • Reserve right to reject. Objectsoft can reject a candidate if the candidate is already in our resume database or we find the candidate on the electronic sites that we participate with as members.
  • Objectsoft has a (60) sixty day trial period for all candidates and may terminate the employee under the trial employment agreement.
  • If candidate leaves before (60) sixty days, no payment is due.
  • No recruiting of Objectsoft employees one (1) year from last placement.

Thanks for your interest. If you wish to submit a candidate, please see the positions page and apply. By submitting a candidate you agree to the these terms.