History of Objectsoft

Technology Development
In 1996, Objectsoft started with visual components for Smalltalk. Before the advent of Java, Smalltalk was a rapidly growing language in the Fortune 1000. About a hundred Fortune 1000 clients purchased and use our development components for VisualWorks Smalltalk.

With the introduction of Java, Obejctsoft pursued development of tools for the Java marketplace. The first versions of these tools are described in our products catalog and includes a award winner product called BrewMaster. BrewMaster was developed with a small group of developers including Dhruv Bhandary, Peter Quintas and Vladimir Tokarskiy and lead by the founder, Kevin Clark.

The Internet moved in the direction of web applications delivered to the browser and handheld devices. Devices attached to the Internet will eclipse the number of PCs in the marketplace today. For the next revolution Objectsoft provides the architecture to deliver custom, scalable, strategic applications to the entire Internet user community.

Consulting Success
Throughout our history, Objectsoft has assisted projects in the successful implementation of leading-edge technologies. We have major clients in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, insurance, information services, medical distribution and manufacturing. We have participated in the development of several Internet systems that are in use today at companies like Fireman's Fund, Encyclopedia Britannica, Caremark and others...