BrewMaster wins JavaOne "Best of Show" in 1997
"Amid all the fanfare, there were a few relatively unheralded achievements of fairly gigantic proportions. Topping the list was the BrewMaster development environment from Objectsoft." For more news on BrewMaster click here!

BrewMaster is the most powerful Javatm add-on to your standard Javatm IDE.  

We spent a great amount of time making a real development tool, not a toy. So, check it out and give us your feedback.

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Version: 2.0
: Now 
Platforms: Any supported by JDK

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Features Advantages IDEs and similar features
Browsers Allows you to view class hierarchy relationships, edit code by the method and control code in a more granular format than files. 

It also allows you to query the system for implementers, senders and class references WITHOUT having to compile.

Some file based IDEs allow you to browse relationships only after a successful compile. 

Other non-file based IDEs allow this capability but they are proprietary and do not build and debug in the standard Javatm format on files in a directory structure.

Query code Allows developers to query the system to see code relationships before compilation. Some IDE support queries on compiled code only
Full Text Searching Allows searching through a workspace or filtered packages and classes, returned in and object browser. Some IDEs support only searching on the current file.
Bookmarks  Allows bookmarking of classes and method, for quick access and browsing. Unique to the BrewMaster environment
Integrated Javadoctm Allows developers to open Javadoctm documentation straight from BrewMaster browsers. Most IDE leave it to the developer to have a browser open on the side to view Javadoctm.
Parsing Allows you to import .Java or .CLASS files so you can view the the source or the APIs. It allows you to quickly analyze code for reuse. Most IDEs allow you to see source, but in a entire file. .CLASS parsing is very useful for analysis.
Building & Debugging BrewMaster allows you to compile with JDK, J++ or other compilers. Since most compilers are faster than the standard javac, it is nice to use them to work with on a daily basis. However, as developers it often becomes necessary to use the standard javac to get certain syntax or libraries to compile. 

The debugger assistant is interface on top of compiler errors to assist you in fixing syntax and compile bugs in a more organized manner.

Most IDEs require their compilers for building code. Most IDEs just display errors for you to fix yourself in the source.
Flash Building A mechanism which tracks source code changes enabling a more intelligent and efficient build process Many IDEs give only the option to build the whole project or selected files.
Integrate Integrate BrewMaster directly in to other standard Javatm IDEs, such as Microsoft Visual J++ and Symantec Visual Cafe. Some IDEs have a closed environment, with no capability to integrate and use in conjunction with other environments.

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