DebugMaster is the most powerful Javatm debugger around. It can debug multiple VMs, remotely debug and has a great looking user interface. 

We spent a great amount of time making a real debugger, not a toy. So, check it out and give us your feedback

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Version: 1.0 
Availability: Now  
Platforms: All.

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DebugMaster Features

Main Capabilities Features Support
Target Javatm VM's  Sun Javatm VM Yes
  Javatm and AppletViewer Yes
  Microsoft JVM Yes
  jview and jview /a Yes
Platform Support JDK1.1.8 Windows/Solaris, no Linux support  Yes
General Multiple Sessions Yes
  Thread Management by sessions Yes
  Remote Debugging on Sun JVM Yes
  Remote Debugging on MS JVM Yes
Breakpoints By Line  Yes
  By Method Yes
  Inner class support Yes
  Conditional Planned
  Watch points Planned
  Counting N/A
Exceptions Catch exceptions Yes
  Ignore exceptions Yes
  Ignore all exceptions Yes
  Catch all exceptions Yes
  Ignore all but catch... Yes
  Catch all but ignore... Yes
Sourceless Debugging Multiple Sessions Yes
  Set and remove breakpoints Yes
  Step out  Yes
  Step Yes
  Step into  Yes
  Step over Yes
  Thread Management Yes
  Continue Yes
  Continue to Line  Yes
  Kill/Detach Yes
Variables Tree Inspectors Yes
  Spawned Tree Inspectors Yes
  Global Inspector Planned
Logs Views Exception Log Yes
  Breakpoint Log Yes
  Message Log Yes
  System.out Yes Yes
  Preferences Yes

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