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Objectsoft's portal application foundation enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy applications for the Internet. The portal application foundation provides the missing layer between application servers and applications. It is the infrastructure that supports all development efforts at your organization..

The portal application foundation can enhance your business for the following markets:

  • Manufacturing industries required to support dealer networks.
  • Insurance companies support clients and agents.
  • Health management organizations that interact with clients, customers and third-party administrators.
  • Franchise businesses with centralized coordination.

Instant Infrastructure
Objectsoft provides software with professional services to quickly establish an application development infrastructure that will enpower application development teams to deliver applications quickly. As an enterprise

Major Platform Support
Objectsoft's portal application foundation supports Websphere, WebLogic, Apache and other major EJB and application server platforms. In addition, NotWired's security infrastructure supports LDAP, ADS and NDS based directory services.

Major Development Environment Support
Program in Java source code or utilize a SOAP API to access major service components of the portal infrastructure. Developers will be able to utilize the robust features and service support for messaging, calendaring, scheduling, notifications, contact management and SFA with multiple development environments.

Pre-built Applications
The Objectsoft foundation comes complete with pre-built components to support:

  • Login
  • User Administration
  • Portal Administration
  • Profile and preference management
  • Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Workflow
  • Email and messaging
  • Contact management
  • SFA

So, you will be able to build your enterprise application faster and at a much less cost than writing it completely on your own.