Enterprise Service Data Sheet

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The basis for successful IT projects is built upon a solid foundation. The foundation is built with people, software engineering principals and tools on solid technologies. Our consulting services include:


Objectsoft's Assessment services look at the current state of your architecture. Specialized services include application architecture assessments, security and privacy assessments, HIPAA assessments and development environment assessments.

Object Oriented Design

Fundamental to most application architectures in today's technologies is a strong object design. Objectsoft's Object Oriented Design services helps your organization design and implement base components to be reused in your organization. A common software model will save time and money while increasing quality of the software you deliver.

Project Management

Objectsoft team members plan and execute. We focus on a proven development process to avoid costly mistakes. Planning, following a process, and execution are the mantra for the Objectsoft organization. Our Project Management services help you deliver projects on-time and within budget.

Infrastructure Development

Our development services can help your organizations deploy mission-critical applications quickly. We bring the experience of past development with us when designing and implementing infrastructure for applications. Objectsoft can assist in the creation of all layers from data access to user interface development. All software is developed with a process and methodology to deliver document and source code for easy maintenance.

Application and Data Architecture

Application architecture can be applied to any technology. Application Architecture services will utilize proven designs with experience to give you maximum flexibility, capability and performance from your applications. Objectsoft's architecture services has delivered client/server, thin client, wireless solutions.

Data is fundamental to any architecture. With the data architects and designers on our staff, our Data Architecture services help you design and implement data architectures that will scale to millions of wired and wireless Internet users.

Portal Fast Start

Objectsoft provides a portal fast start program to bring you enterprise applications to the Internet. In 30 days, we will have a functional start of your portal infrastructure up and deployed or your money back! For more information about the portal fast start, click here.